Find your extraordinary amazing spark


Not interested. 

I find more and more that I’m not interested in just making do. I don’t want to settle. I don’t want average. 

I want extraordinary. 

I want 🔥.

My extraordinary may not be yours. And that is okay. I want you to find your extraordinary amazing spark too. 

Even more once it’s found, let’s be intentional about preserving it and revere it as the precious connection we have prayed and waited patiently for, and give that relationship our very best, every day. 

Instead of thinking of it as work, think of your investment of time, energy, emotion, and effort in that special someone as nurturing, cherishing development time.

Development because it’s a journey of joyful discovery that can last a lifetime. 

It doesn’t just happen.

It isn’t just meant to be.

You have to both decide that it is a priority and act accordingly. 

What do you think? 

Is an extraordinary connection that lasts worth some extra effort?

Love LoveKara Adams