You are meant to be more than a pillar of salt

You already know the story about that couple that was on the run,

leaving behind the hot mess of a life they were living,

with mere minutes to spare before massive destruction and impending doom would befall their little town,

and her man says, "Baby, don't turn around. Don't look back".

Did she listen?


And boom, she went from being a tall drink of water, to a giant salt lick in a flash.

Was it worth it to take one last peek at their former life and all they had left behind?

I think not!

No one's got time to be turning into a pillar of salt.

I know I don't.

Too many things to do, places to go, and being frozen for all eternity as a block of sodium is not it.

But you are grown, and make your own choices.

For those of you who are hell bent on going back to your former relationship situation, stop reading and just scroll on down to the bottom of this email.

Or if you are living your dream life,

then you can skip the rest of this email and we can talk again tomorrow.

But if you are not actually living your best life now,

I've got some questions for you...

Why is it so hard for you to move on?

Why do you so desperately hold on when it’s not working?

Why do you keep going back when it's so unsatisfying?

Why do you have so little faith?


Because that is really at the heart of your reluctance to move forward into something great, something better, something new.

Often times you would prefer to keep what is in front of you because it is familiar and what you already know.

It doesn’t matter in the least that what you're holding onto may be no good for you. At. All.

It may even be toxic and detrimental to your health, wealth, and self esteem.

But yet there you are, holding on tightly, with both hands.

When in many cases, it is the very thing that is draining and constraining the life that you have from becoming the life that you want.

But you were built for more. 

You were meant to have better.

Why wait until you hit rockbottom or reach a point of no return?

Why wait until you are sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Why wait to start the path towards the life you know is out there for you?

Is it because your faith is not strong enough?

I don't know what has kept you stuck, 

if you are in fact stuck,

in love, friendships, relationships, family dynamics, a dead-end job, living in a place you despise, or whatever else is keeping you in the same place when your heart and mind dream and yearn for more.

If you've been looking for a sign that it's time to move on and do something different, then THIS IS IT.

If you aren't completely crystal on what you want, then I invite you to work with me privately.

Otherwise, I will be in your inbox tomorrow with some more thoughts on how to fall in love with yourself, fall in love with your life, and fall in love.

Looking forward to seeing you then.

Love and blessings!


P.S. Once again, this email is not for everyone. For those of you who are not ready to move on from your ex just yet, here's a resource that may help.

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