You look better when you do this one thing

“I like you. You’re happy,” said the man that was helping to unload all the packages out of the trunk of my car.

From the time I stepped out of the car to greet him, I was bubbling over in personality, smile, and energy, even with the temperature outside steadily approaching a scorching 100 degrees.

And he felt it and commented on it.

This pleasant interaction made us both happy. And isn’t that what life is all about?

You look so much better when you smile.

At least I think most people do.

So fellas,

smile when you are trying to woo and pursue. It will take you much farther and help you be more successful in creating and sustaining love and connection.

And ladies,

a nice smile will serve you so much better than a cold unapproachable countenance.

Whether you are single,

and a man is looking for some sign that it’s safe to approach you.

Or a coupled up woman,

who can make her man feel special and loved when a smile breaks across your face at the sound of his voice or the mere sight of him.

Do you ever find that smiling is easier said than done? Here's something that may change how you think about it.

Let me just say that having an infectious smile, a charismatic personality, and sharing a little joy as you go about your day makes it easy to connect with people, in general.

But with someone you’re very attracted to, it’s even more effective—

He will start to smile when he thinks about you.

He can’t wait to see you again.

You’re all he will be thinking about.

And that good vibe will linger long after you’ve left the room.

All these little things you do, become habits, which leads to a successful process that you can implement (It’s the end of the workday, forgive me as I slid into business speak) to infuse grace, mercy and goodness into the DNA of your relationship.

This is the tie that binds.

This is how you create a connection that lasts.

This is how you keep attraction alive with intention, devotion, commitment, repetition,

and oh yes, a bright white dazzling smile.

Does a great smile make you connect more easily to someone you’re attracted to?

Smile more people! That’s a free piece of relationship advice. You’re welcome.

If you are not making connections that put a smile on your face, you may want to work with me 1:1.

Love and blessings!


Love LoveKara Adams